This songlist is the work of Kenneth Schwartz,
a longtime friend and fan of Josef and Miranda's.
We thank him for contributing it.

(In the future, we look forward to cross-referencing it to the albums)

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African Carol
Ah Goote Noodle Soup
Ah, Ma Chere Madame!
"Ai! Ai!" The Pied Crow Cry
Among the Leaves So Green-Ho
Ancient Breton Air
Angelus, The
Angler's Song, The
Animal Cries
A-Round the Corner
As the Sun Goes Down
Auld Joe Nicolson's Bonnie Nannie
Auld Lang Syne
Auntie Mina's Cooking the Sirup
Aunty Cathie

Ballad of Guy Fawkes, The
Ballad of Lord Willoughby, The
Ballad of Old
Banana Pie
Beau Reynolds
Beautiful Dreamer
Beautiful Rosemary
Begone Dull Care
Believe It And Ensue It So
Berg Op Zoom
Beside the Windmill
Bid Me But Live
Birthday Song
Boo-Boo, the Baby Baboon
Bouquet, The
Brennan on the Moor
Breton Lullaby
Bridge to the Left, A
Bulu the Zulu
Bumper of Wine, A
Bunch of Feathers, A

California Is the End
Call John the Boatman
Capetown Girls, The
Cat Came Back, The
Chant of Tsikana, The
Cherries, The
Cherry Tree Carol, The
Chow Willy
Christmas Tree, The
Cloak of Night
Cockles and Mussels
Come Walk With Me Tonight
Cool Running Water
Counting in the Rain
Counting Sheep
Crazy Blue Balloon
Crickets, The
Cruelty of Barbara Allen, The
Cup of Coffee, A

Dance and Whistle
Dances for violin and dulcimer
Dance tune for dulcimer
Day We Had to Say Goodbye, The
Der Rebbe
Dilly Song, The
Distant Mountain Peak
Donkey's Lament, The
Down in the Valley
Down to Niagara
Dull Wife, The
Dust Upon the Roadway
D'ye Know What Pleases Me?

Eleven Little Froggies
Evening Bell, The
Every Night When the Sun Goes In

Farewell, Darling Greta
Farewell to Bellashanny
Farmer of Brienz
Farmer Thin and Small, A
Farmyard, The
Feelin' Bad and Low
Fideree, Fidera
Fife and Drum
Fill Up, Fill Up
Floating Down the Stream
Flocks, the Flocks, The
Flood, The
Flow Gently Sweet Afton
Follow My Bangalorey Man
Fox, The
Frances, O Frances
Frankie and Johnnie

Giant Chewity Charlie
Going Down to Cripple Creek
Gold and Silver
Golden Days of Youth, The
Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Green Bottles
Green Dress, The
Green Grow the Rashes O
Grindstone Man, The
Guy Fawkes (chant)

Hali Ho!
Hangman! Hangman!
Hawaiian romance
Henrietta's Wedding
Here Am I
He Who Will Not Merry Be
Hex River Valley
Hogmanay Night
Hold Your Head Up High
Holiday Song, The
Hope the Hermit
How Lovely Cooks the Meat

I Dream
If a Ship Has Legs
If Mama Strikes Me Down
If Maria Married Me
If Only, Only It Were True
I Lie in America's Land
I'll Soon Be Starting On My Way
I'll Stay in the House
I Love to Sing
I Love You, My Love
I'm A-Thinking
I'm Dry
I'm Looking for Dinah
In Egypt
In Search of a Rainstorm
In the Dungeons of Nantes City
In the Woods
Inyoni slumber song
Irish Washerwoman, The
It's Your Problem
I've Been in a Daze
I Want to Stay in Ceres
I Wonder When I Shall Be Married

Jan Pieriewiet
Japie My Skapie
Jetzt Iss Die Zeit
Jim Brown
Jimmy Boy
Jinnie Jinkins
John Anderson, My Jo
Johnnie Had an Ugly Cow
Johnnie with the Bandy Legs
John Riley
Jolly Broom Man, The

Karroo, Karroo
Keep A-Rowing
King and the Marquise, The

Lady Anne
Laird o'Cockpen, The
Land of Milk and Honey
La Pastourelle
Legend of St. Nicholas, A
Let Rich and Poor Rejoice Today
Let's Have a Zimba
Let Us Sing of Christmas
Little Marguerite
Live Happily
Look and Listen
Look Around
Lord Jesus Has a Garden
Lullaby from Louisiana
Lullaby to a Doll

Mailman, Any Mail?
Ma Kyk Vir Japie
Mama, I Want to Marry
Marching to Pretoria
Ma Says, Pa Says
Matztown Cornet Band
Messenger of Love
Misery Must Have an Ending
Mortal Is the Wound
Mother Mary Is Rocking Her Child
Mountain Is Far
Mr. Woodbury and the Genteel Lady
My Boat Is Drifting
My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free
My Heart Is So Sad
My Lady Greensleeves
My Little Bonnie Blue Eyes
My Master's Lost His Fiddling Stick

Native minstrel song
Nid Nid Nodd'n
No Dolly No
Nothing Can Be Done

Oh Brandy Leave Me Alone
Oh, It's a Mosquito!
Oh Maiden Will You Come A-dancing?
Oh No John!
Oh, Oh, Ohio
Oh Sorrow, Sorrow
Oh! To Slip Out of My Skin
Old Joe Braddles
Old Joe Clarke
Old Johnnie Goggabee
Old Miner's Refrain, The
Old Tante Koba
Old Transvaal, The (aka "Sarie Marais")
O Mary At the Window
Once I Was Young
One Day I Went A-riding
One Great Word Above the Din
Onions and Potatoes
On the Top of the Hill
On the Way to Montpellier
On Top of Old Smoky
Ossie Is an Ostrich
Our House is Upside Down
Over the Mountain

Pale Sarah
Panama Banana
Passing Day, The
Patrick on the Railway
Pile Up Bricks
Pilgrimage to Bethlehem
Pity the Poor Patat
Point of View
Polly and Sweet William
Polly, Come With Me to Paarl
Polly, Polly
Portuguese Fisherman, The
Praties, They Grow Small, The
Pretty Kitty
Pum Pum Pum

Queen Bee, The

Rain in the City
Rain Must Fall, The
Ratcatcher's Daughter, The
Red Rosey Bush
Rest In the Shade
Riddle Song, The
Riding Down from Bangor
Roosje How About Dancing?
Rooster Chick, The
Rose Fell Down From Heaven, A
Rumble Drum, The

Sailorboy Went On a Voyage, A
St. Patrick's Day Jig
Samuel Young
Santa Claus, Won't You Come In?
Sarie Marais (aka "The Old Transvaal")
Scorned Lover, The
See There Comes the Steamboat
Selling Crawfish
Sheep Are Coming Down the Road, The
Sheep Under the Snow, The
Silver Moon Sailing
Silverfleet, The
Sitting By the Bright Firelight
Sitting In Jail
Six Cream Cakes
Sleep Baby Sleep
Small Husband, The
Snake Baked a Hoe-Cake
Some Folks
Song limericks
Song of the Bushveld Boys
Song of the Potato
Soon I'll Be There
Soon, My Love
Sportsman, The
Step to the Rhythm of the Pipers
Stop Your Groaning
Subways of New York
Swedish Polonnaise
Sweet Nightingale, The
Swiss Song of the Spring

Take Off Your Jacket
There Comes Alibama
There Is Much In Life
There's the Cape Cart
Three Little Twiddlywinks
Tigeree Torum
Today Is Sylvester
Tom, Mary, Harry and Belle
Tomorrow Morn I'm Sweet Sixteen
Train to Kimberley
Trek, Horses, Trek!
Turtledove, The
Twa Bonnie Maidens
Twelve Days of Christmas
Two Thousand Miles To Go
Two Wagoners

Umbira Melody
Unfortunate Miss Bailey
Ungu Wena Wena
Upon the Bridge at Treguier

Villikens And His Dinah
Vowel Song, The

Waltzing Matilda
Wanderer's Song, The
Warfare Is Raging, The
Weatherman's Song, The
Welcome, The
We Travel the Highlands
What a Waste of Creation Is Man
What's Kalie Doing There?
When A Little Farm We Keep
When I Feel in a Happy Mood
When I Get Home
When It Rains
When I Was a Little Boy
When That I Was a Little Tiny Boy
When the Jackal Keeps A-Howlin'
When We Have a Little Home
When Will We Be Married, Gertjie?
When You're Traveling With Friends
While Down On Him It's Raining
Whistle and I'll Come to You
White Linen Coat, The
Why Should I, a Brisk Young Lassie?
Wind in the Trees, The
Windy Weather
Wine of Gaul
Wise Old Elephant
Woe To Man Is Woman
Wonder of All Wonders
Work song (Shir Avodah)
World Is Very, Very Big, The

Ye Banks and Braes o' Bonie Doon

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