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Thank you for visiting Marais and Miranda.

We thought you might be interested in some
of the comments we've received from fans.

very interesting
Leslie E. Braun <lgbraun@pioneer.net>
Deadwdood , OR USA -

I am happy to see over 900 visitors to this site. It is so
wonderful to know that CD's will be available...soon...
When my website is completed, I would be honored to be a
link to this site. I think it would be useful to include
request for a zip code in the above section. Anyway, I have
thoroughly enjoyed the biographies; this is a superb addition
to the history of U.S. balladeers/folk songs. Thank you very
much. Sincerely OR

olga rodrigues <ydm-art@pioneer.net>
Dearwood, or USA 97430 -

Thanks for providing www.maraisandmiranda.com. I have fond memories of hearing my parents' Marais and Miranda albums as a child. I have been hoping that someone would re-release some of them on CD.
Robert Keck <rkeck1@rochester.rr.com>
Rochester, NY USA -

I knew Miranda and Joseph when I was a child -- they were friends of my grandparents and parents. They were the most exotic creatures, to a little girl from Southern California. Also, do you know if it is possible to get video of their TV performances? Thanks.
Marty Woelfle <Mwoelfle@Erols.com>
Washington, DC USA -

What a surprise, Three years ago I found nothing on the net about Marais and Miranda.I remember when I was a kid listening to them on the car radio with my mom and dad after a long sunday drive,my favorite is "Brandy leave me alone" I have an old casette of "J.Marais and songs of the African Veldt "

John Richardson <Jarg@bestweb.net>
Hopewell Jct., NY USA -

I feel that Marais and Miranda's wonderful musicianship and heart are what have engendered the great love my family and I--three generations--feel for them and their music. We have kept the music alive all these years, singing and playing the songs whenever we're together. When we introduce the songs to new family and friends, they love them. My wife and I sang and played "As the Sun Goes Down" for an audience of Pinewoods campers in Plymouth, Mass. a couple of summers ago, and the audience requested a repeat. The forthcoming CD will be one of the sweetest treasures of our lives!
Phil Bustin <pbustin@earthlink.net>
Medford, MA USA -

Used to listen to M&M before the radio show of the Lone Ranger during the 1930s. We all loved them then and do still today
rob <rmer8303@aol.com>
asheville, nc USA -

Stellar site! I am very impressed and moved by all of it. It brings back lovely, sweet memories of my childhood, and such a lump in my throat to see how many people have been touched by my grandparents' lives.....Thank you, for all the work you did to make this site come true.

Los Angeles, CA USA -

I had a record when I was young, and also saw thenm perform in Los Angeles. For years I've been searching to replace this record, which featured the song The Crickets.. I think it was on Kapp. Best wishes with the CD, and I'll keep checking back on further releases too!
The Little Cricket

As a youngster of 70, I recall being first introduced to Marais and Miranda via the old Meredith Willson radio show. I loved them and purchased every 78 RPM record album as issued. Records mainly broken from too many moves, but still have EVERY original Album and sleeves! Has anyone ever recorded those old radio shows? If so, how can I get them? Thrilled to order CD and hope for many more. Favorite songs were 'Zulu Warrior' and Johnny Chaakabie(?)spelling? When can we here them again? Stu Reisbord
Stu Reisbord <stureis@erols.com>
Wallingford, PA USA -

The website is a beautiful and loving tribute to two wonderful people.
Adele Puleo <chiron95@aol.com>
Wood-Ridge, NJ USA -

The CD I'd really like is a compilation of the Veld songs. My LP of SFTV V2 is sounding pretty sad. ;-(
Peter Marks <busi@macramedia.net>
Woodinville, WA USA -

Dear Steve and Marcel,
I wish I could let you know how I really feel about seeing
this site of my mother and step-father. It is a thrill to
finally find them on the web. Everything is exquisitely done
from the writing to the design/layout and graphics. I feel
extremely emotional about revisiting my beloved family in
this way. I hope you know what you have given us, and the
world by creating access to them. The CD is spendid. Congratulations
on a most difficult and challenging task. Thank you thank you
thank you - merci mille fois!! I am deeply moved by this
grand accomplishment. Somewhere their spirits are acknowledging this act
of love.

Yvonne de Miranda <ydm-art@pioneer.net>
Deadwood, or USA -

I have an old 78 rpm album (Decca Albun no. 113, 18,000 series. The album name is Songs of the South African Veld.
There is only one surviving record. On one side is Sarie Marais and the other is Henrietta's Wedding.

I have not gone through your website yet. Doing this backwards. Now I will explore the site. : ) Gene Heacock

Gene Heacock <hurrifred@aol.com>
Fairhope, Al USA -

I first heard M&M on the old Hootenanny album (Kapp 1330) and thought that they had to be mong the last of the true folk singers. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who remembers them.
Sandy Jordan <sjordan@toptech.com>
Orlando, FL USA -

Rec'd the CD recently and wanted you to know how much I and all of the other M&M fans enjoyed it. We hope you'll locate more material for future CD's. My suggestion: Legend of St. Nicholas, The Dilly Songs, Rumble Drum, Siver Fleet. I have them on Fideree's Library of Souvenir Tapes, but hope for a bit more modern technology (less tape hiss). Keep u the excellent work.

B. Stone

Bob Stone <boellimy@aol.com>
Brooklyn, NY USA -

This website and CD is terrific, but my (grown up) children are pestering me to death about finding a CD of the Motivation Records songs. We have no LP player and they want their kids to be able to listen to "Where is India", "There are four important sections in the Flower" and all the rest. I want to hear them again, too. So if you make CD's of these really earcatching kiddie songs, you will sell four of each to me, at least. ( I also have 30 nieces and nephews, and lots of money, so if you produce such CD's, I and others who raised kids in the '70's will really be a great market). Sincerely, Juliana McAshan
Juliana McAshan <mcajuliana@earthlink.net>
Maypearl, TX USA -

Will there ever be a cd of Marais and miranda including a song called (I believe)"Old Tante Kuba"? The first lines are, "Old Tante Kuba she is so dumb, She stirs her soup with her own big thumb etc.
Paul Luftig <plufida@aol.com>
Larchmont, NY USA -

My parents lived for 18 months in South Africa 1936-37. That my be why they later got interested in Marais and Miranda. I grew up with their recordings -- my first doll was named Polly after "Stay Polly Stay." I heard them in person in the 50's, in Pasadena or Los Angeles. They were totally charming and real. I am now singing these songs to my one year old grandson. He especially likes "Baboons in the Hills, with a sickle tale." I raided my 92 year old mother's record cabinet over Christmas and now have 3 LP's plus an album of Marais on 78's! I no longer have an LP player, so I'm wondering if I can convert these to CD's or tapes? I hope some of these records, particularly ones with a South African emphasis, will come out in CD's. Please let me know the prospects.
Fredrica Parlett <fredricap@earthlink.net>
Berkeley, CA USA -

My dad purchased Marais and Miranda's Christmas LP in the 50s and our family grew up with this record. My dad died in 1979 and I now have the LP. My family is not as enamoured of this record as I, but I play it every year and referred to it year after year as a Christmas tradition in my Christmas letter to friends. This year my husband decided to transfer it to a CD. He is, as I write, in his study with a software program to clean up the recording. He stumbled on this web site while he was preparing for the transfer. Next year I plan to send a CD to everyone on my Christmas list.

Listening to it every year reminds me so much of my father. He used to sing along imitating both Miranda's nasal (sorry, but it's true) and Marais's voices.

My husband--after many years of putting up with the record--can now be caught whistling the tunes.

Love the website.

Anne Bessette <anbessette@yahoo.com>
Upland, CA USA -

My mother introduced me to the music of Marais and Miranda at a young age. The two Town Hall Concert albums were my favorites. Ever since, I have strived to collect as many LPs and 45s I could find of their music. I was thrilled by the 7/8 ballads,The Crickets and 'Til The Queen Bee Arrives. To this day, I perform those two songs, and on my radio show, "Babes In Quicksand", I feature their music, along with Theodore Bikel, and the Oranim Zabar Troupe, among others. I'm happy to at last see M&M's music on CD. I thought I was fighting an uphill battle keeping their music alive. Thank you for constructing this website.
Phil Mann AKA "The Professor" <PhilipMann@aol.com>
Boynton Beach, FL USA -

What Serendipity! I stumbled across this website, through a link, and am thrilled to find it. I own a tattered, yellowed, disintegrating paperbound copy of a M&M songbook from college days (early 1960's) which I treat as a museum piece. How wonderful to learn that I might actually get to 'hear' them again...thank you for this site!
Lucy Wilhelm <wilhelm@MIT.edu>
Cambridge, MA USA -

I am only too anxious to hear from anyone and everyone who has an interest in my dear departed friends Miranda and Josef. They were not only my favorite artists in the world, but my favorite human beings as well.

I have long believed that my familiarity with their reper-
toire exceeds that of anyone else, at least in so far as knowing every note and lyric of all of their songs. If anyone believes that he or she can match me in this, I am anxious to take on all challengers - and if there is
someone who can indeed surpass me, I would like very much to contact that someone and share my experiences and know-
ledge! In any case, I would like to hear from anyone whose heart contains a place for these two wonderful people. It is gratifying to know that there are still those who remember and cherish them.

Kenneth Schwartz <Kennethschwartz5@aol.com>
Cliffside Park, NJ USA -

Thanks for the CD. I like specially the song of tante Sara. I like to give this song to my cousin Sarah in Canberra. With love from Belgium, *****Joost*****
Johan.raaff <johan.raaff@skynet.be>
Neerpelt, Belgium -

I have been waiting patiently for these treasured recordings to appear in CD--it seems that just about every other old Folksingers have been resurrected, it is time for these exquisite minstrels of folk music to get their turn. Please continue to keep their artistry alive.
Ann Olszewski <olszew@ameritech.net>
Cleveland, OH USA -

Delighted to discover this website. I grew up with the "Songs of the African Veldt" records it seems - thanks to others' comments I now know that was the title. I recall so many of the songs with great fondness and so hope that the next CD will recreate those particular songs.
Pat Whitesides <weaselside@aol.com>
Toledo, OH USA -

On Sunday March 31, 2002 at 5pm Eastern Time, WFDU-FM will be broadcasting a one hour radio documentary on Marais and Miranda. The program will be hosted by my co-host on WFDU-FM's "TRADITIONS", Bill Hahn. Bill introduced me to the music of Marais and Miranda and I'm hooked! On the program we will hear the story of Marais and Miranda as told by their family and friends - Marcel & Yvonne DeMiranda, Sam Hinton, Pete Seeger, Norman Corwin, Carol Miller and the creator of this wonderful website - Steven Miller. You can listen in via the internet through our website - www.wfdu.fm. If you are in the Northern NJ/NYC area you can listen in at 89.1 - WFDU-FM. Traditions is a weekly folk music program that has been heard since 1980. I hope you will join us for this special - the story and music will be celebrated!

Ron Olesko

Ron Olesko <wfdutraditions@aol.com>
Teaneck, NJ USA -

I think I goofed when I added the WFDU website to the comment above. If I did it correctly this time, I believe if you click on my name below it will take you to our site - www.wfdu.fm. Thanks!


Ron Olesko <wfdutraditions@aol.com>
Teaneck, NJ USA -

I have loved Marais & Miranda since I first heard then\m in the early '50s. I have many of their records. I have an album that was autographed by Miranda sometime after Joseph's death.

I think many times if I had another life to lead, I would live it as they did, travelling from place to place, singing beautiful, little, simple songs.

Fred Tatar <frtatar@pacbell.net>
Saratoga, CA USA -

I too grew up with the early songs--Zulu Warrior and the rest, but the one I long to have on CD above the rest is Henrietta's Wedding, played often on loud speakers throughout the house as I grew up because it took Dad five years to persuade Mom to marry him--she kept asking for more time. Mostly because he was much older; forty-one at the time, to her twenty-three. Her name of course is Henrietta, and they married in 1942, the year after the song came out. Mom's brothers used to tease her by singing the song to her. So thank you. Mom and Dad never had a fight in thirty-four years of marriage. I'd consider a donation to help you consider a CD including this song. In the meantime I've ordered the CD you have issued, and for that, thank you so much. Tom Paine
Tom Paine <jubileep@attbi.net>
Wellesley Hills, MA USA -

I have loved Marais and Miranda's music for many, many years. My favorite song is "Snake Baked a Hoecake". I ordered the CD-- can't wait to get it! And I hope the remarkable "Songs of Long Ago" is re-released. I still have a tape of it and it's AMAZING!
Laurel Tryforos <ltryforo@roosevelt.edu>
Des Plaines, IL USA -

My five children grew up playing Nature Songs over and over and memorizing them. It would be great if Nature Songs (and Nature Songs 2 could be reissued so that my grandchildren and other children in the world could benefit.
Dave Eissenberg <eissenbd@sover.net>

I was given a Decca 78 album. Songs of the South African Veld, as a young child and have never forgotten it. I have found several old 78's before but just now found your web site, thanks.
frederick c smith <fcsmith3@juno.com>
columbia, md USA -

It is so exciting that there are CDs being released! I hope ALL the albums are released on CDs. I would love to be notified of all new events! YAY YAY YAY!
Kate Erlewine <orangek8@orangek8.com>
Athens, OH USA -

Happy to find this site. Unique musical talents, M&M. Bright, uplifting, humorous. We, too, had a couple of 78s of them. Looking forward to reissues, hopefully of all their recordings. Is there a songbook available?
Andrew McDowell <andyjim2@juno.com>

Sorry but this is my second entry. I have just been listening to your CD and wish to thank you for giving me the chance to hear such wonderful music again. Plesae hurry and put out another (and another, and another) CD.
frederick c smith <fcsmith3@juno.com>
cloumbia, md USA -

I grew up with records of M&M and I remember a song that started with "Nelly wanted frocks to show off to her friends" Does anyone know the name of this song, because I didn't find it on their song list? Linda G.
Linda Gordon <slgordon@cox.net>

My brother Stan bought the first album during the fifties,
Songs of the South African Veld Vol.1 We enjoyed the songs of Josef Marais with Miranda. Happy to find your Internet Site. Keep making the CD's

Henry Szot <szot4@cox.net>
Phoenix, AZ USA -

I especially enjoy the "zebra" album. I love the song, "Bulu the Zulu." I hope that would be included in a future CD.
Jennifer M. <aralcamac@yahoo.com>
Dayton, OH USA -

My parents had a record of Marais and Miranda's songs that we played endlessly. To this day I sing their songs to my children and my kids know them by heart. Their music is being passed on from generation to generation--especially "Zulu Warrior." What a legacy they left.
San Diego, CA USA -

I love the Marais and Miranda Christmas album. It is by far my favorite collection of holiday music. I hope it gets reissued one day.
Lee Cerveny <lkcerveny@yahoo.com>
Austin, TX USA -

I reached your site because I was looking for a reissue of "Songs of the South African Veldt" on CD. I first heard Marais and Miranda in the music listening room of the Student Union building at the University of Saskatchewan in 1961 and fell in love with their 10th harmony. I intend to buy the CD, but am a bit disappointed that songs such as Meisiesfontein have not been included.
Gerald Attwater <attwater@cadvision.com>
Calgary, Alberta Canada -

I am delighted to find this. Sometimes when i would ask about Marais and Miranda, the blank looks would make me wonder if I'd made these beloved singers up. I loved them as a child, I am delighted to find them as an adult. I wish I'd been able to find them earlier when my kids were growing up.
Susan Birndorf <Sbirndorf@hotmail.com>
Birmingham, MI USA -

I came to know both of them fairly well, bith at the old annjual Berkeley (CAlifornika) Festival an at the Idyllwild Schook of Music and the Arts, where I used to be in charge of the folk music summer programs.I admired their work since I first heard Josef's records in 1938, when my chief professor at UCLA, Dr. Raymond B. Cowles (who was raised in Africa) introduced them to me.
SAM HINTON <slhington17@aol.com>
La Jolla, CA USA -

WFDU-FM will offer an encore presentation of "The Marais and Miranda Story" on Sunday June 30 at 5pm Eastern Time. WFDU can be heard in the NYC area at 89.1 FM, and you can listen in on the internet through our website - www.wfdu.fm. We hope you will join us!

Ron Olesko

Ron Olesko <wfdutraditions@aol.com>
Teaneck, NJ USA -

The words and music of "Jan Pierowitz"(?) and "Train to Kimberly" have been persistent in my mind since I heard them on KPFK(??) in the late 50's.

Periodically I would search and had zero luck until today. Thanks for creating the window.

Jim Carlson <jimc4@acm.org>
Chatsworth, CA USA -

I came across your site having been fascinated by the Doris Day/Frankie Laine recording of "Sugarbush." I'd never heard of Marais and Miranda but this song certainly piqued my interest.
Robert Canton <Robtcanton@aol.com>
Los Angeles, CA USA -

I'd love to see you re-issue "European Folk Song Festival" (it contains mostly songs not on the other LP's, and I haven't got it). But, if I can opinionize a little, I really think you'd get the best response re-issuing "Sundown Songs" and "Wine of Gaul". I may be biased, since these were the first ones I was exposed to, but I think they contain the most widely appealing songs. Also, Miranda gets a lot of vocal play, and I really think (based partly on the opinions of non-fans I know) that her voice is the real key to their appeal.
Got your first CD, waiting for the next! Thanks for the efforts to keep the songs alive. --Mike Dumas, Los Angeles

Mike Dumas <mdumas@co.la.ca.us>

I was just surfing the web to see what others have done. I thought yours was cool so I figured I'd sign your guestbook and let you know.
Johnny <stymiee@hotmail.com>
Pine Hill, NJ USA -


CHARLOTTE TAYLOR <moe@thwy.net>

I remember my parents having the album called "Songs of the African Veldt" and would like to purchase it if it is available.
Peter Tillema <ptillema@wi.net>
Racine, WI USA -

After a long hiatus I recently listened to my two old LPs of Marais and Miranda. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing their unique sound and interpretations (and humor) again and will pass along the news of your Web site to some other fans.
Bo Kerrihard <BoHoosier@aol.com>
South Bend, IN USA -

Terrific website! Like many others, I grew up in the 50s listening to Marais & Miranda, and it was they who piqued my lifelong interest in folk music. As a kid, "Around the Corner" and "Zulu Warrior" were favorites. Is anyone working on a discography of their many recordings? Good luck with the website, and I can't wait to hear the CD.

patty hall <pattyhall2@yahoo.com>
san diego, ca USA -

So glad that Marais and Miranda's artistry lives on. I have two LPs which are almost worn out so I'm glad for the CD although it sadly doesn't include my favorite: Maisiesfonteyn,which I think is one of the most
enchanting artistic achievements I have ever heard.

Also, I talked some years ago to someone at a company on the West Coast called something like "Starlight Productions" who claimed to have the rights to some of M & M's songs--just for your information. Are further CDs planned? If so, please include my favorite

John Alexander <jalexande2@comcast.net>
Wynnewood, PA USA -

Thanks so much for preserving some of the songs of Marais & Miranda on CD. Like many visitors to this site, I still fondly remember the tunes and words. I first heard them at Idyllwild School of Music & the Arts (ISOMATA) in the early 60's - they would do an evening concert during the high school band/orchestra camp (two years for me) - plus once at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles. Since then, I would periodically come out singing "But The Cat Came Back" and people would look at me quizzically. Now I can hear it as I first remembered it - wonderful memories! Please let me know if you do any other CD's. How about "Johnny With the Bandy Legs" and "Marching to Pretoria"? Thanks!
John Marshall <jmarshall@lewitthackman.com>
Los Angeles, CA USA -

I am very excited to discover this site. I grew up with an album of the songs of these wonderful performers. I no longer have the records, fut, from time to time, some of their melodies and lyrics come drifting into my memory. Today, I decided to try to find something about them on the internet . . . and I struck gold. I can't wait to hear them perform again.
Gordon Leigh Petitt <glpetitt@voyager.net>
Cleveland, OH USA -

put me down for a set the complete works
martin henner <henner@impartial.com>
Eugene, OR USA -

I've been looking for this for a long time. I appreciate the work you have put into the website!
Gunther Hertwig <haligator@aol.com>
Greenlawn, NY USA -

Loved their So. African Veld songs as a child. Please put those on a C.D. Visited So. Africa a few years ago and tried to find their old records. Had no luck. Please do some more cd's.
Raye Price <je.raye@verizon.net>
Palm Desert, Ca USA -

Congrats on your site! It is wonderful to see that a CD is now available! I am still looking for the album I listened to as a child with "The Crickets" on it. I also saw them perform once at Beckman Auditorium in California.. standing room only! Please see if you can offer this record as well.. I'll keep checking back, and thanks again :)
Still Looking

Thanks to the Creanza family, I grew up hearing these great songs in concert at Chicago's Art Institute! When I found myself singing "Train to Kimberly" to my third grandchild the other day, I decided to check the web - was delighted to find this web site and to actually listen to a bit of the song again. Now I have all the words! My old LPs are long gone, but I look forward to the CD. My favorite?? Probably "Oh Brandy, Leave me Alone." Thanks so much for the chance to reconnect. C.Deppe
Cathy Deppe <cdeppe@metroed.net>
San Jose, CA USA -

I was whimsically looking up the name of my late father, Max Berton, in an internet search engine, and to my amazement I found it listed as the libretticist of "Tony Beaver," which led me to the Marais and Miranda website. I am filled with joy, nostalgia, and eagerness to read more about these people who were so much a part of my childhood, musically and as colleagues of my father. Together, Max Berton and Josef Marais wrote "Tony Beaver," and also did a series of radio stories together for, I believe, WNEW in New York in the early 1950s, called "On the Trail," which my father wrote the scripts for and Josef narrated, and Josef and Miranda sang. One wonderful memory that lingers about M&M is when I was perhaps five years old and they were visiting in New York, and my father took me to the hotel they were staying at. My secret wish was that they would sing a song just for me, but when I managed to ask, Miranda asked if I would sing for them, instead! Now I am a semi-professional singer myself, but no thrill matches what happened that day. Please keep me posted as to whatever you send out to your e-mail list. And if there is a Marais descendant who would like to share stories of our parents' collaborations and times, that would be a great joy.
Naomi Rose <naomierose@yahoo.com>
Oakland, CA USA -

When I was very young, my father had a 78 player and an album with Zulu Warrior on it. I remember playing that over and over. I have to believe that these were the artists that record the wonderful piece. If it is ever available on CD, please let me know. Thank you!
Jim Lawrence <jlawrence@chubb.com>
Wharton, NJ USA -

Found my way to your website after I told my wife that I heard wonderful folk singers on the radio in the early '40s - long before the Weavers and then set out to prove it to her. I am about to order the CD and please bring out others. Were there any studio recordings made of the early 15 minute and half hour shows?
David Silver <anndave@verizon.net>
Bethesda, MD USA

I was very pleased to find this site. I heard Marais and Miranda in a small theater in Los Angeles in 1946-I was enchanted and but all thier records (all 78s) I would be very interest in CDs of their songs and am glad that there are so many people that remwmber them-they were wonderful
Norman Gratz <gratz@attglobal.net>


My cousin, Joe Fox (Toronto) gave me the Marais & Miranda CD for Hanukah this month. We were both enchanted with the LP's that we listened to back in the 50's and 60's. We wish we could find those old LPs, tapes or additional CDs. We were especially fond of the African Veldt music, like "Sitting By the Bright Fire Light."
Vickie Schachter <vschachter@aspensys.com>
Rockville, MD USA -

I heard Marais and Miranda for the first time in 1946, when I was four years old. My parents had the (then new) album of 10 78s, Songs from the South African Veldt. I'd love to hear those songs again (Pretty Kitty, Train to Kimberley, Auntie Mina, Siembamba, etc.) Unfortunately, the new CD doesn't have the material that I'm looking for.
Clayton Koelb <ckoelb@email.unc.edu>
Chapel Hill, NC USA -

I have only a part of a broken 78 of SONGS OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN VELD, Decca Album No. 113, 18,000 series; I tried to super-glue and record it on CD, with very limited success; please put out its CD! Thanks.
DONALD F. CONVISER <donald@conviser.net>

I remember loving to listen to Marais and Miranda when I was a little girl in the 1960's. My family especially loved the Christmas. I was able to buy a greatest hit album back in the 1980's. I love it. It is one of the reasons why I still have a turntable today. This past Christmas, my family talked about how much we loved their Christmas album. I am looking for the Marais and Miranda Christmas album to surprise my mother, sisters and brother with for next Christmas. If any knows where I can get a copy , please could you email me. Thank you Siobhan
Siobhan O'Neill <Seeobon@msn.com>
Baltimore, MD USA -

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